Disability Management

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) and the Canadian Coast Guard are committed to creating a barrier-free workplace for our employees.

As part of this commitment, the Department has established the Disability Management Centre of Expertise (DMCOE) program to provide tools, resources and supports to ensure all employees have what they need to succeed.

As a new employee, you are encouraged to reach out to your manager to request any accommodation measures you require in your role. Managers are responsible for accommodating their employees, but this process begins with a request from the employee.

As a tool to support employees in their accommodation needs, the Department has implemented the Government of Canada (GC) Workplace Accessibility Passport. The Workplace Accessibility Passport can be used by the employee to describe any barriers faced in the workplace, and document possible solutions, devices, supports and/or adaptive. The Passport is not only for employees seeking accommodation measures following an injury or illness but is also a tool for any employee who requires an accommodation to be successful in their role. The Passport can be completed and updated at any time. If you already have a GC Workplace Accessibility Passport, please advise your manager. More information on the Passport is available at Government of Canada Workplace Accessibility Passport - Canada.ca