Best Practices

First things first

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In preparation for the unassigned environment, employees may be asked to adopt some leading principles to remove fixed behaviours from the existing environment. They would be among, but not limited to, the following list:

  • Go paperless
    • Adopting your preferred Information Management (IM) solution which reduces paper use and permits easier filing, ATIP, and information management practices.
    • Holding paper clean-up days to manage existing paper storage (filing, disposal, destruction).
    • After the paper has been removed, all filing cabinets can be removed from workstations and most common areas (as your requirements permit).
    • Printers can be rationalized with one networked multi-function device and can help reduce the number of equipment and costs associated to them.

  • De-personalizing workstations
    • Holding clean-up days to move all old equipment, storage, and furnishings from your area.
    • Personal lockers will be supplied which provide personal storage and filing for each employee.
    • For example, items such as picture frames can be replaced with desktop backgrounds, and sticky notes can be electronic using the Sticky Notes application.

  • Information technology
    • Telephony: In an unassigned environment, there is no longer a need for an employee to be fixed to a workstation, so a cellular solution (just take your phone with you) is key. It is cheaper and more efficient to have only one device for all uses.
    • Collaboration: There are many tools such as, Government Conferencing Service and MS Teams that support our mobile aspirations by providing teleconferencing solution so that we can meet, discuss and collaborate together from anywhere in the world. 

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