Official COVID-19 information

Important information to keep employees posted on COVID-19, measures to minimize its impacts, the situation at DFO and CCG, and answers to your questions about teleworking while coping with school closures, childcare disruptions, and other challenges.

Government of Canada information

The latest updates and resources for federal employees, including an official global travel advisory and travel health notices. 

For managers

Resources for managers, including a guide for managers, a work refusal flow chart and form, information on onboarding new employees and students, and more. 

Remote working

Guidelines and information for employees about working remotely and telework arrangements. 

Onsite working

Guidelines and information for employees entering federal worksites.

A DFO/Coast Guard Phased Approach to a New Normal Master Plan

While many employees will continue to work remotely, we have developed a master plan for easing restrictions and the slow, safe return to our DFO and CCG worksites across Canada, including in the NCR. It is based on the health, safety and well-being of our employees, and with physical distancing and safety requirements in place.

Seeking feedback from employees

In preparation for the initiation of a subsequent phase of the Approach to New Normal Plan, DFO/Coast Guard will ensure that employees can report all issues or problems encountered. In order to ensure the Department has a system in place in order to audit the information received from employees, the DFO/Coast Guard Lessons Learned* form has been developed to assess lessons learned and seek feedback from key enablers and senior management throughout the COVID Governance Structure.

By reviewing and analyzing this information, the Department will have a better understanding of the gaps and inadequate outcomes that occurred during the implementation of the current phase and will be able to better prepare for the initiation of the next phase.

The overall purpose of the tracking form is to collect key observations and identify gaps further to the information reported and correct any issues in a timely manner prior to moving forward from one phase to the next.

*In order to access this form, your Microsoft account needs to be active in your internet browser (e.g. signed in to MS Teams account).

If there are any immediate concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact the COVID-19 team.