COVID-19 information

Important information to keep employees posted on COVID-19, measures to minimize its impacts, the situation at DFO and CCG, and answers to your questions about teleworking while coping with school closures, childcare disruptions, and other challenges.

For managers

Resources for managers, including a guide for managers, a work refusal flow chart and form, information on onboarding new employees and students, and more. 

MyWorkplace Beyond COVID

Resources such as Beyond COVID Framework to support managers and employees transition to a Beyond COVID environment.

Government of Canada Information

Consult Information for Government of Canada employees: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) for the latest updates, a general occupational health advisory, and other important resources for federal employees.

For general recommendations from the Government of Canada for the Canadian public, see the official advice on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) page or call the information line at 1-833-784-4397.