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About the DFO Pay Team

The members of the DFO Pay Operations Support are your DFO colleagues working to support employees, managers, and timekeepers and ensure timely and accurate pay, benefits and leave for the employees of our department. Our teams do this in a variety of ways, from direct one-on-one pay support to employees and managers, to the teams that are never seen by employees, working to manage the functioning of PeopleSoft and processes.

The directorate consists of several teams listed below.

Pay Operations Support Team

The Pay Operations Support Team is made up of the following teams: Pay Support, Time and Labour, Centralized Trusted Source, Compensation Processing and Escalations Unit, and Life Events.

Who to contact?

General questions or concerns about your pay? Contact MyPay.

Questions about submitting a PAR? Contact the Trusted Source.

Are you a manager unsure about your approvals or exceptions? Phoenix not behaving as expected? Contact the Time and Labour Hub. Use the MyPay email address and include “Time and Labour” in the subject line.

Living through a life event and wondering how it will affect your pay and benefits? Contact the Life Events team. Use the MyPay email address and include “Life Events” in the subject line.

Pay Support team

Members of the Pay Support team are your colleagues located across Canada. They support employees and managers by providing them with valuable information about their pay and benefits questions.

The Pay Support team:

  • analyzes pay issues and determines the next steps
  • assists employees in obtaining priority payments
  • liaises with the Pay Centre
  • helps to resolve outstanding issues and complex cases and processes specific cases through our internal Pay Issues and Escalations team
  • provides advice to employees, section 34 managers and timekeepers regarding their schedule assignments, approvals and exceptions in Phoenix Manager self-service
  • provides contact information for issues like incorrect T4s, overpayments and pensions which are handled by Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC)

Time and Labour Hub

The Time and Labour Hub provides support to employees as well as assistance to section 34 managers and timekeepers in setting schedules, submitting and approving time or understanding exceptions in Phoenix self-service.

In addition, when several employees report the same kind of pay issue through the MyPay team, the Time and Labour Hub determines if it is a system or process issue causing the underlying problem. They will then take the required steps to resolve each escalation.

The Time and Labour Hub:

  • responds to requests from employees, s34 managers and timekeepers regarding Phoenix self-service support in entering and approving pay transactions
  • assists with schedule assignments
  • develops business practices that prevent pay issues
  • performs root cause analysis and alerts PSPC of system issues
  • develops testing scripts and tests system fixes
  • clears outstanding and problematic section 34 approvals

Centralized Trusted Source

The Trusted Source team is responsible for reviewing and processing all Pay Action Requests (PARs) before submitting them to the Pay Centre.

The Trusted Source team:

  • authenticates section 34 approvals
  • ensures the PAR is fully completed
  • ensures the required supporting documentation is included

This verification reduces PAR rejections and delays at the Pay Centre.

After your PAR has been accepted at the Pay Centre, you can consult MyGCPay (accessible on Government of Canada computers only) to follow its progress.

Compensation Processing and Escalations Unit

The Compensation Processing and Escalations Unit is our internal hub for compensation advisors who:

  • analyze complex cases to help resolve pay issues
  • process transactions delegated from the Pay Centre focusing on reducing DFO cases in the backlog
  • liaise with the Pay Centre for escalation of issues that require Pay Centre intervention
  • monitors pay to predict zero-pay situations to allow the Pay Support team to proactively offer support and priority payments to employees

Life Events

Are you nearing retirement? Going on leave without pay or returning from a period of leave without pay? Or perhaps going on an extended paid period sick leave? If you have questions about the impact of milestone life events such as these on pay and benefits, the Life Events team can help to guide you through the process.

Compensation Coaching and Training

The Compensation coaches/trainers are our internal trainers for the Pay Operation Support Team who:

  • ensure Pay Operation Support Team analysts and compensation advisors have the most current training regarding Phoenix and pay administration when providing services to DFO employees
  • distribute and interpret communications so that analysts and compensation advisors remain current with respect to developments in pay administration
  • provide internal verification and quality assurance for transactions processed in Phoenix by the DFO Pay Operations Support Team

HRMS & Integrated Solutions

Pay doesn’t start with Phoenix. Working at the front end of the pay system, the Human Resources Management System (HRMS) & Integrated Solutions team ensures that the HR data that flows through PeopleSoft into Phoenix and drives pay is accurate and timely. The team includes the PeopleSoft Transaction Centre of Expertise (PTCoE) who are responsible for making the PeopleSoft entries of HR data.

The HRMS & Integrated Solutions team:

  • supports employees, managers and HR professionals in their interactions with PeopleSoft
  • works with HR to optimize all aspects of the system, including the process, people and technology, that contribute to accurate and timely HR data
  • seeks out and corrects integration errors between PeopleSoft and Phoenix
  • provides a dedicated service to MyPay and the HR community to resolve issues with PeopleSoft
  • manages the generation and distribution of HR data to all key DFO stakeholders
  • performs data analytics to:
    • track progress on pay
    • support the larger team in providing accurate advice and client service
    • support decision making in mapping out the road to improved pay for all employees

PeopleSoft Transaction Centre of Expertise (PTCoE)

The PTCoE team perform PeopleSoft data entry for transactions originating from activities such as staffing, classification, official languages, and repatriated compensation transactions.

Contact us

Email MyPay: dfo.mypay-mapaye.mpo@dfo-mpo.gc.ca