Personal, property and information health and security

What you need to know to protect yourself and government property and information.

What we do

Safety, Security, and Emergency Services (SSES) is a distinct directorate within Human Resources and Corporate Services.

Based in the National Capital Region, the SSES Directorate provides four core services to all Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) regions across the country. The 4 core services are:

  • Operations
  • Investigations
  • Policy, Planning and Reporting
  • Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

Personal safety

Of paramount importance is ensuring that you and your colleagues are safe at work. You and all employees have a responsibility to take all reasonable and necessary precautions to ensure your personal health and safety and that of anyone else who may be affected by anyone’s work or activities. Employees are required to participate in training and activities related to the departmental Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) program and follow all applicable OHS legislation designed to ensure safe work practices.

The mandatory training and information posted on the DFO and Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) intranet sites outline the legislative and recommended procedures to ensure safety, including:

  • marine safety
  • workplace safety in field or facility locations
  • safety in an office environment
  • hazardous material safety
  • vehicle safety and other

Property and information safety

As you are probably aware by now, working in government means that you need to have a background check for you to receive one of 3 possible security levels pertinent to your job:

  • reliability
  • secret
  • top secret

Why?... because as a federal public servant you are entrusted with personal and secure information and tax-payer property.


Whether it is a car, a ship, a radio or a laptop, you will be given property to help you accomplish your work. As a public servant, you need to treat this property with the utmost care. DFO/CCG, the government and Canadians are entrusting their assets to you.


There is a broad range of security levels or designations pertaining to information in government. These designations are based on the resulting level of injury to an individual, organization or the national interests of Canada and Canadians, if the information was used inappropriately.