Getting to know us

How we work

  1. Sector

    • A distinct business line within the department
  2. Region

    • Distinct areas of the country with DFO/CCG operations
  3. Special operating agency

    • A business line with independent management and operating license (CCG)

What we care about

  1. Our role

    • DFO/CCG has the lead federal role in managing Canada’s fisheries and safeguarding its waters. DFO/CCG:

      • supports strong economic growth in our marine and fisheries sectors by supporting exports and advancing safe maritime trade; advancing safe maritime trade;
      • supports innovation through research in expanding sectors such as aquaculture and biotechnology;
      • contributes to a clean and healthy environment and sustainable aquatic ecosystems through habitat protection, oceans management, and ecosystems research
  2. Our vision

    To advance sustainable aquatic ecosystems and support safe and secure Canadian waters while fostering economic prosperity across maritime sectors and fisheries.

  3. Our mission

    Through sound science, forward-looking policy, and operational and service excellence, DFO/CCG employees work collaboratively toward the following 3 strategic outcomes:

    • Economically Prosperous Maritime Sectors and Fisheries;
    • Sustainable Aquatic Ecosystems
    • Safe and Secure Waters
  4. Our values

    The Department’s values are based on the federal public sector values of:

    • Respect for democracy
    • Respect for people
    • Integrity
    • Stewardship
    • Excellence

What the difference is between DFO and CCG

The Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) is a Special operating agency (SOA) within DFO that is responsible for the programs and services that contribute to the safety, security and accessibility of Canada’s waterways. Find out more about them through the DFO/CCG internal website.