Fisheries and Oceans Canada collects, processes, analyzes and publishes data on maritime fisheries in Quebec. The statistics produced are used to evaluate and contextualize this industry's economic value. They also provide managers and scientists with the information needed to produce analyses of fisheries resource management.

The following documents encompass the data that is available for Quebec.

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Quotas reports

The Canadian Atlantic Quota Report reflects the commercial fishery landings in Quebec with respect to the regional or national global quotas. A quota designates the catch limit set for a segment of the commercial fleet. Additional catches by vessels whose homeport or landings are elsewhere on the Canadian Atlantic coast could be attributed to certain quotas. The landings for Quebec are updated regularly.

Note: fisheries that are not subject to quota limitation are not included in this report.

The numbers provided for the last year and for the current year may be modified if new information is received.

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Landings statistics by species

Presents a monthly landings portrait in Quebec. The document is updated 2 times per year.

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Annual statistics review

Presents a comparative portrait of commercial fishing (work force, quotas, landings, etc.) and plant production in Quebec. It also deals with the seal hunt (2003-2014) as well as Quebec seafood exports and imports.

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Statistics series

Presents a comparative sectoral portrait over several years of commercial fishing (work force, quotas, landings, etc.) and plant production in Quebec.

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Provides a snapshot of the state of Quebec’s fishing industry.

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