Important information regarding certain services offered by DFO, Quebec region

The Department's licensing services are now offered through the National Online Licensing System.

The National Online Licensing System is the tool you must use for:

  • Renewing your licences;
  • Accessing your invoices (invoices will not be sent by mail);
  • Paying your licence fees and vessel registrations;
  • Printing your licences, licence conditions, and other licensing-related documents;
  • Submitting all request related to licensing issuance.

The Quebec Region has implemented various levels of service for requests related to licensing issuance.

These levels of service are presented in the table below. The indicated response times are calculated from the day the Department receives all relevant documents.

DFO, Quebec Region
Categorization  Full-time fish harvester 20 days
Licence conditions North Shore standard*
Gaspe Peninsula – Lower St. Lawrence standard*
Magdalen Islands standard*
Partnership (buddy-up) agreement North Shore 5 days
Gaspe Peninsula – Lower St. Lawrence 5 days
Magdalen Islands 5 days
New company Creation of a new company 20 days
Licence Mackerel 30 days
Shellfish, hand harvesting standard*
Communal fishing – North Shore depending on demand**
Communal fishing – Gaspe Peninsula – Lower St. Lawrence depending on demand**
Seal – assistant hunter temporary licence standard*
Seal – personal use licence 20 days
Licence reassignment (licence transfer) 20 days
Special – New request 30 days
Special – Renewal 20 days
Fish transport 20 days
Replacement of the licence holder Medical standard*
Estate standard*
Other  15 days
Vessel-related transactions Vessel registration 20 days
Vessel rental 10 days
Attach a licence to a vessel  or detach a licence from a vessel 10 days
Removal of a vessel from the fishery 30 days
Vessel transfer 20 days
Commercial seal – Vessel  identification standard*
Quota transfers Permanent quota transfer 30 days
Temporary quota transfer (seasonal) 10 days
Temporary transfer in fishing days (seasonal) 10 days
Others Others depending on demand**
*standard: 3 business days if the fishery is open (or if the activity is underway).
2 business days before the start of the fishery (or activity) if your request was made at least one week in advance.
**depending on demand: Once your request is received, you will be notified of the estimated processing time.