Career Day at the Maurice Lamontagne Institute

February 27 and 28, 2020

Career Days at the Maurice Lamontagne Institute are the perfect opportunity to discover the work that is done at this federal research centre and the jobs that are associated with it and to visit our facilities with a guide. 

We have positions to fill!

  • More than 40 full-time or part-time, temporary and permanent positions, including 24 student positions. 
  • We are recruiting in physics, geomatics, biology, computer science, genomics, administration, communication, tourism, etc. 

Take advantage of Career Day to...

  • Meet researchers, biologists, technicians, computer scientists, administrative assistants to discuss their work and work environment.
  • Visit the basin room, the Coast Guard ship's workshop and several laboratories.
  • Talk to our work teams or attend one of the conferences that describe the stimulating challenges we offer!

Apply online now or on-site during your visit!


Other job categories: 

Learn more about our activities and watch the video that opens the doors of the Maurice Lamontagne Institute!

Register before February 21, 2020

To register and check if free transportation is organized with your school, contact Sylvie Roy at 418-731-0897 or at