Resources for managers

DFO and CCG managers can refer to our Guide for managers for updated information on the COVID-19 pandemic in order to better support their employees and maintain a safe and healthy workplace environment.

A new Designated Senior Manager – Roles and Responsibilities Manual outlines the functions of DSMs in ensuring the collaboration of local management when dealing with a range of management issues, facility closures, business continuity, emergency and evacuation planning, occupational health and safety, security, and other issues, in addition to providing support and guidance during the COVID-19 pandemic, at departmental sites where multiple sectors are represented.

A new resource for managers, entitled Supporting employees and teams, offers valuable tools and recommendations to help you be at your best while taking care of yourself and your team in these challenging times.

Managers can refer to the following resources and processes when addressing employee complaints or refusal to work:


Managers' Toolkit for the Implementation of the Policy on COVID-19 Vaccination for the Core Public Administration including the Royal Canadian Mounted Police


Fact sheets on the use of the myEmployees

Telework guidelines

The objective of these guidelines is to provide advice and information to employees and managers to support the implementation of teleworking arrangements where it is economically and operationally feasible to do so, in a fair, equitable, and transparent manner.

Manager's guide on remote work

The purpose of this guide is to help you as a manager access information regarding remote work in a quick and efficient manner.

Stabilizing working arrangements in the NCR

To help identify and plan for the implementation of the remote work arrangements, a Discussion guide, a Guidance on Facilities for NCR Phase 1, and a Remote Working Arrangement form will be available soon. Directors/Managers/ Supervisors will be expected to engage with each of their employees to discuss the three work models, communicate organizational expectations on these models, seek employee personal circumstance, and work with the employee to finalize which model will apply until March 31, 2021 by signing the COVID-19 Working Arrangement form to solidify this agreement.

Onboarding new employees and students

At DFO and CCG, every employee can make a difference in collectively achieving our objectives. New employees and students bring invaluable knowledge and skills to the organization. Our recruitment and onboarding efforts are essential to our operations.