Requesting pay stubs for employees without network access during COVID-19

April 29, 2020

The Pay Centre is now allowing any employees who cannot access their paystubs due to lack of network connectivity during this time of COVID-19 response to request paystubs from the Client Contact Centre using epost Connect.   

Generally, the Client Contact Centre uses epost Connect to send protected B documents such as paystubs and tax slips only to employees on leave, former employees or retirees who do not have access to CWA. However, given the current circumstances there are no restrictions as to who can receive this service.

This is not the same as signing up for epost, which has always been available for employees without DFO network access, such as seagoing employees, lightkeepers and others.

Employees who wish to request paystubs in this way should contact the Client Contact Centre in Canada or the United States at 1-855-686-4729 or outside of Canada and the United States at 1-506-424-4330 or by completing and submitting a Phoenix feedback form online.

For more information , employees should contact the Client Contact Centre at the number above. 

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