Entering Other Leave With Pay Associated with COVID-19 in PeopleSoft - Update

Recently, employees and managers were asked to enter Leave with Pay using the Other Paid leave - Other description (code 699) in PeopleSoft for leave associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, retroactive to March 13, 2020. Please see the original message for the instructions.

The Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) is requiring departments to report on the reasons for the leave. Therefore, as of Saturday, June 27, when a user selects code 699, the following message will appear: If due to COVID-19 the “Employee Comment field must contain one of the following:

  • COVID - Illness
  • COVID - Family Care
  • COVID - Technology
  • COVID - Work Limitation
  • COVID - Other

Employees must indicate one of these types in the “Employee Comment” field when submitting this leave request.

Employees who have already submitted this leave, without indicating the type are asked to amend their request in PeopleSoft.

Managers should ensure that this information is included when approving this leave.

TBS created the categories as follows:

  • COVID - Illness: Granted when an employee has tested positive for COVID-19, displays symptoms of COVID-19, in isolation due to travel or has been exposed to COVID 19 and cannot work remotely.
  • COVID - Family Care: Granted to care of family directly related to the COVID 19 situation, including school and daycare closures, care of a dependent, home schooling, or living with a person in a high risk category and cannot work remotely.
  • COVID - Technology: Granted for limitations of technology, including VPN access or lack of work equipment/tools to perform the duties remotely.
  • COVID - Work Limitation: Granted when work from employer premises is restricted to critical employees only and employee cannot perform work remotely.
  • COVID - Other: Granted in any other circumstances directly related to COVID-19 which prevent the employee from reporting to work or working.

If you are unsure of which type to use, please consult your manager.

Managers of students, casual employees and employees with terms < 3 months entitled to take the leave code 699, will still need to submit a PARfor each of the above types, using worktype Leave, subtype Leave with pay, accompanied by a GC178, which should be sent to the Trusted Source.

If further clarification is needed on the categories of leave, this is provided in the DFO/CCG Guide for Managers.

If you have any questions about this leave, consult your manager. Managers may also contact their Labour Relations Advisor.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Labour Relations Centre of Expertise, and
Your DFO-Coast Guard Pay Team